Mushkat Yacht Management, Yachts Agents for Israel

Our Services

Yacht Agents - Entering Israel is not an easy task, getting around is different from what you know. We can make your live significantly easier... Click here for more information.

Yacht Management - Over 10 years of Managing Mega Yachts as well as small yachts. We are taking care of all aspects - Crew, budget, moorings, maintenance, documentation, class, etc. Click here for more information.

Yacht Suppliers and Services - In Israel we can provide you with nearly everything. Normally, prices will be lower then in Europe. Click here for more information.

Project Management - Refit a yacht, New construction, Long distance delivery and other projects needs to be very professional taking care of. We have the experience and ability to manage such projects in the most professional way.  Click here for more information.

Yacht Delivery - For many years we have delivered yachts of different types and sizes all over the world, we can do it a a turn-key project or we can assist you in any way you’ll need. Click here for more information.

Crew Agents - A happy, professional crew is one of the most important issues for the yacht Owners. We know how to make it happen... Click here for more information.

Fuel Bunkering & Suppliers - Traveling a long distance in short time and need best quality, low price fuel? We can assist you all over the Med and especially in Israel.

Customs Agents - We can assist you with customs procedures in Israel. Please try to contact us prior to your arrival so we’ll be able to better prepare you.

Yacht Charter - Very well connected in the Israeli market, we can arrange every possible charter in Israel. If you wish to charter anywhere else we’ll be very happy to support you with our experience and good connection all over.

Yacht Charter Management - If you would like to charter your yacht, let us do the management for you. We know how to prepare your crew and yacht for this and we can help a lot in getting clients for you.

Our Services

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